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Dates: 1th July to 5th July

The working languages are English and German

Fee: 80 Euro ( Sponsored by the European Social Fund)

Location: T-WERK, International Theatre Centre Potsdam
Schiffbauergasse 4e
14467 Potsdam, Berlin

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The workshop is a cooperation between the T-WERK, Potsdam and the Masquerade Studio Copenhagen- Berlin.

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Some impressions



Some impressions

Photos of the process




In the spring 2008 we worked on puppets for "Hamlet", a show in the style of the popular theatre of the earlier 19th. Century. The production is a co-operation with Darger&Co and the Nationalmuseum Copenhagen, supported by the Kunstomraadet.

Pictures of the puppets



In summer 2009 we finished a new set of puppets for "Romeo og Julie ", a tragicomedy in the style of the popular theatre earlier 19th. Century. The production is a co-operation with Darger&Co and the Nationalmuseum Copenhagen

The show is played from the 28.6. to the 16.7., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11 & 13, Saturday at 14 and Sunday at 12 & 14 o´ the Frilandsmuseet, Kongevejen 100

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The Art of the Mask

The Grotesque Mask

From the buffoons to the Commedia dell´Arte

Mask making and mask performance
This year we work with late Medieval, early Renaissance popular theatre forms and their main figures, fools, charlatans, buffoons and the Commedia dell´ Arte stock characters. These figures kept commenting and challenging the state of society by mocking, provoking, scrutinizing. We pick up these traditions to ask the still unanswered questions. Who on earth are we? What´s happening with us? And where the hell are we going?
We finish the workshop with two public performances at the "Stadt für eine Nacht" Festival


The Wild Hunt

A visit from the guts and the gutter

Five fools take you on a diabolical journey from Dante´s inferno to our liked-clean consumer´s paradise to meet the final halleluhja.

After a two years research about the cultural codes of poverty and social exclusion and their theatrical translations like the grotesque body, elements of the Commedia dell´Arte and the late medieval popular culture, we finish the project with the performance " The Wild Hunt, a visit from the guts and the gutter"".
Special thanks to the workshop participants in Palermo 2010 and Potsdam 2012 for their creative contribution to the whole enterprise.

The premiere is on the 12.10.2012 at the T-Werk Potsdam.

8. April 19.00 to 22.00
9. April 13.00 to 19.00
10.April 13.00 to 19.00

The working languages are English and German
ee: 45 Euro (Sponsored by the European Social Fund)

Location: T-WERK, International Theatre Centre Potsdam
Schiffbauergasse 4e
14467 Potsdam

More information about the workshop

Some impressions


Some impressions of the workshop


International summer workshop in physical theatre in Italy

Commedia dell´ Arte and the Grotesque

A study in comic art, exploring the routes of grotesque realism and its relation to the Commedia dell´Arte

Taking Rabelais´ Gargantua and Pantagruel as a sourcebook, we worked with archetypical grotesque characters, using the skills of Commedia dell´ Arte, physical training, improvisation techniques, mask-making and mask performance.
The workshop was designed as a practical study, putting the theories to a test with the whole range of on-the-floor-practice, gathering a deeper understanding of the social functions of laughter and comedy and get new input for contemporary theatre.

The workshop was held in Palermo, Sicily, from the 28th of June to the 18th of July 2010.

Pictures of the first week

Pictures of the second week mask making

Pictures of the third week

Final performance in Bagheria, Italy on the 18.7.2010





In connection to the International Mask Festival on Aero, Denmark, some of our masks are part of the exhibition "Nordic Mask Makers" at the Soefartsmuseum, Prinsengade 1 in Marstal, Aero. The exhibition is open until the 8. of August.



Annual mask making workshop at the Commedia School Copenhagen from the 15.11.-19.11.2010




In February we designed a set of Larval masks for a show at the Bellevue Teatret in Copenhagen.

The opening of the show is at the 19.2.2009, shows running from Thuesday to Friday at 20:00, Saturday 17:00, Bellevue Teatret, Strandvejen 451, Klampenborg

Our theatre project dealing with religious and cultural diversity has opened with a theatre show for children on the 2.11. at the Atze- Musiktheater in Berlin.

The show was developped in connection to the Year of Intercultural Dialogue in the EU 2008. It focuses on the potential of cultural diversity, the creative energy inherent in different world views and there ability to deal with essential human issues like fear or the longing for protection.
Along with that, we try to add a constructive aspect to the increasingly difficult discussion about different cultures and integration.

The play itself is a crazy comedy, a adventurous journey through different times and cultures. It will, as you might guess, involve lots of masks and puppetry

More pictures!





The Fools' Factory

A research project

The Fools' Factory is a longterm project of the Masquerade Studio. We are aiming to develop a deeper understanding of the social functions of laughter, humour and comedy by investigating old performing traditions like buffoonery , fools and comedians.

Research focuses on their potential to comment on society by highlighting social conflict and acting as an agent for social balance and integration through the process of mocking.

The project aims to combine scientific research with the collaboration of social and cultural institutions, theatre groups and performers, to rekindle these traditions and maximise their potential for theatre performance and sociocultural work.





In summer 2008 we completed a set of Commedia dell´arte leather masks for Cristina Coltelli and her group Herlaking in Palermo, Sicily.

The masks will now be part of the workshop "L´Arte della Commedia" from the 2. March until 29. May 2009 by Cristina Coltelli and Fabrizio Paladin



Two new training masks are available now.

And we have a completely new type of mask to offer, the Archaic Mask. This mask is specially designed for working on basic human movements and gestures, to work with social structures in a performing space and choric movement


New puppets for the National Museum Copenhagen

Spring 2011

Den Forelskede Fejedreng

from Thomas Howalt



2nd International Summer Workshop at the T-Werk Potsdam/Berlin from the 22.6.-7.7.2012

Suka - Movement of Masks

A living cultural memory

From the 1th to the 25th of March in Burkina Faso
We are staying in Burkina Faso to work with mask making, mask performance and elements of the Commedia dell´ Arte and the grotesque body. We will combine two deeply rooted cultural practices, the Burkinabé Suka and the Wild Hunt, a European tradition - creating a performance focussing on gender equality and the situation of the Burkinabé women.
The project is connected to the Festima - International Mask Festival in Dédougou and a conference about gender equality in Ouagadougou.
A cooperation of Le Voix de Sables et des Glaces, Ouagadougou, with the Commedia School, Copenhagen and the Masquerade Studio

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Video of the workshop in Palermo

The social history and the body language of the Commedia dell´Arte

On the 21.9. we give a lecture at the theatre department of the Copenhagen University. We connect the social history of the Commedia with the body language of the main characters. F.ex: we relate the Lovers to the neoplatonic philosophy of Marsilio Ficino…we show the connection between the Zanni and the late Medieval concept of the grotesque body…
The lecture is interactive. It will be a mixture of theory, exercises and improvisations to provide a better insight into the movement of the Commedia dell´Arte characters.


Teaching the culture history of masks at the Academy of Arts Weissensee, Berlin, during the summer term


the social history and the body language of the Commedia dell´ Arte at the Copenhagen University, Institut for Art and Culture, theatre studies.