Larval masks

Masks of Naivity and Curiosity

Larval masks are based on basic human features, state of beings, temperaments, feelings f.ex. naïve, grumpy, melancholic. The art and strenght of these masks is simplicity, a precise reduced form, that tells a lot with very little.
Larval masks are light and playfull, they allow comic and spontaneous interaction between mask characters. Therefore Larval masks offer a good access to mask work in general. They are often used in acting training and the build up of a defined and distinct body language. Their characteristics help to developped clear, understandable characters by not being onedimensional, which is a basis of teatrical mask work.

Mask Making: The main focus of the first part of the workshop is to create a full mask that will have an instant visual impact on stage, clearly communicating its intention. We work with the traditional Venetian mask making technique. After an introduction to the functions and requirements of a theatre mask, every participant will learn to make a paper-mâsché mask, built in a negative plaster mould which is taken from a form modelled in clay.

Performing the Mask: We will work with the built masks for five days on intuition and spontaneity, body language and playfulness, followed by improvisations, development of characters, movements and themes. We usually finish this workshop with a public performance.

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