Our Larval, Grotesque, Archaic and Commedia dell´Arte masks

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Larval masks

Paper masché, Venetian technique

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Grotesque Masks

Paper Masché

Dry Paint, finish with bitumen

Gargoyle series
Gargoyle series
Gargoyle series

Archaic masks

Commedia dell´Arte masks

Our Commedia dell´Arte leather masks are made in the traditional way rediscovered by Amleto Sartori at the Centro Maschere e Strutture gestuali. We studied with his son Donato Sartori at the Centro.

The masks are made of leather dyed with chestnut powder formed over a wooden model of the mask. After finishing the wooden model it´s a three to four days process working the leather accompanied by a good deal of sweat and blisters. Worn by the same performer over the course of time (sweat and more sweat) the intial stiffness of the leather smoothens and the mask becomes like a second skin.

Our leather masks