Stories of resistance and resilience

A series of workshops and performances

Burkina Faso

Suka, Mouvements des Masques, in cooperation with Les Voix du Sables et des Glaces, the ministry of culture Burkina Faso and the foreign ministry Denmark

Decoding gender

Female narratives

Translating traditions

Shifting perceptions

Communicative resources

Participatory public spaces for change


The Wild Hunt, Palermo, Potsdam

Commedia dell´Arte and the grotesque, a series of workshops and performances in cooperation with Theater Nadi, T- Werk, Potsdam and Herlaking, Sicily

Cultural codes of poverty and social exclusion and their theatrical translations; the grotesque as an indicator for social transformation; the dicourse about the wild and the civcilized body, its traits in popular culture and the origins of the Commedia dell´Arte; Pierre Bourdieu´s concept of Habitus as a theatrical toolkit

Performance at the T- Werk, Internationales Theaterzentrum. Potsdam

T- Werk Potsdam, summer school, mask making and performance

Commedia dell´Arte and the grotesque, Palermo, in cooperation with Herlaking, Sicily

“Because laughing is proper to the man.”

F. Rabelais